One of the biggest additions to Facebook for business was promoted posts which allow a company to essentially pay for more EdgeRank (Facebook’s fancy algorithm that determines how many people’s Newsfeeds you reach). It’s a really useful tool to push important content such as special deals, webinars, online and real world events, and pretty much anything that needs more eyeballs and more engagement. But Facebook just blew the lid off promoted posts, and is officially running tests in the US to give every user the ability to not only pay to promote their own posts, but their friend’s posts as well! If you’ve got under 5,000 friends and subscribers It only takes $7 for a friend to bump a post to the top of your Newsfeed…

brace yourself for babies on facebook

I’m not gonna lie to you, I’m expecting a lot more baby photos in my feed (as if such a thing is possible). There’s a fair bit of panic flying around over these tests, but I’m seeing nothing but opportunity here, especially for Nonprofits, Fundraisers, events and the like – brands and causes that resonate with people on a personal level have a huge new opportunity to have their invested Fans become advertising advocates. What’s better than someone loving you enough to post “OMG these guys are the BEST like, fur real!” so all their friends can see? Having them dish out to spread the word for you, with a message YOU created and have control over. Being able to advertise without having to pay for the distribution… it’s mind boggling. Obviously all of your fans aren’t going to be paying to promote your content, and there’s no way people won’t be complaining all over Facebook about this but new methods of monitization are always hard to swallow for users. Sounds like a good opportunity for Google Plus to start promoting angry posts, in fact.

What’s more is that everyone will have a new layer of distribution through this system. Your fan page is hitting an entirely different demographic than your friend’s list, so some experiments may be in order to pay $7 and see what kind of traction you could get from promoting a friend’s post about your brand. I’m excited to try out some experiments of my own, namely paying  to spread embarrassing pictures of my friends. The first time Fred slips up and post a complaint about work, you better believe I’m going to promote it. 7 bucks would never buy me a desk chair as nice as his and he said I could have it if he gets fired.


Do you think promoted posts from users will be a boon or a bust on Facebook? Comment below and join the conversation!

AllFacebook has some pics of how the promoted posts work:


Facebook tests promoted posts for users in US | Photo courtesy of

Facebook tests promoted posts for users in US | Photo courtesy of


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