On Hold Messaging & Audio Production

Affordable customized on hold music messaging for any sized company since 1999.

Talk to your customer before you even pick up the phone. On hold messages are one of the best ways to communicate with your customer audience.

Talented professional voice actors can record your voicemail greeting, company directory, call menu and more. Greet all your customers with the most professional image possible.

Harness the power of a captive audience. Benefit from up to a 18% increase in requests for products/services mentioned on your custom business on hold greetings.

Custom Messages, On hold, and
Greetings for Business.

Harness the power of a captive audience and sell your products while they’re On-Hold.

Our custom music on hold messages are compatible with all industries & all phone systems – Guaranteed!


*comes with a one year license on all pro voices and music.

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YES! Your business greeting will be completely CUSTOMIZED!


Send us your On-Hold script OR send us some bullet points and we will write a professional on-hold script for you.



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Our on hold services focus on making sure you make the most out of every marketing dollar.

Affordable, professional quality on hold music and messaging service, streaming music, website audio production, and voicemail services are designed to keep your caller interested and on the line.

This is an easy and effective way to improve your business image while providing greater value to the 85% of callers who prefer an on hold service with commercials over silence.


Our team will make on hold messages for your business that will direct callers to what they need, and work as a sales representative.

Inform your callers of your business hours, address, website URL and more. By answering their basic questions through an on hold service, you can free up your staff for more detailed calls.

A customer on hold represents a great opportunity to advertise services and products. If your system isn’t, you’re missing out on the one in five callers who make a purchase based on commercials heard on hold.

Did you know?

Since 1999, The Killerspots Agency has been known for its award-winning creative production styles. On-time deliveries and
Customer experiences are our priorities.

The Killerspots Agency is a contagiously creative, full-service digital marketing, production, and media agency.  Our culture is a strategy at its core. With measurable results and complete customer service. We have EVERYTHING under one roof. Even other ad agencies use us. (not naming names)  Furthermore, we have helped businesses of all sizes and budgets get that edge over their competitors.

We partner with our clients to develop continuously evolving marketing approaches. Our strategies dynamically adapt to their business for maximum R.O.I.
Try us, you’ll see why we’ve been non-stop since The Backstreet Boys sang “I Want It That Way”! (By the way, Killer song!)

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